The huge benefits of a healthy, motivated workforce

Your Organisation

Savings over 2 years

up to £1.13M*

Sales revenue

increased 23%**


Decreased 24%**

New mothers attrition rate

50% reduction***

* Tasho et al. (2005) ** LaMontagne et al. (2007) *** Google People Analytics

The City

Bottom line impact

For example the links between staff engagement and productivity, CSR enhancing global brand profiles, organisational culture and employee retention and recruitment.

Attractive for global business

Workforce health plays a key role in this aspect and makes good economic sense – evidence suggests that a healthy workforce is more productive and has lower turnover.

Case Study: City of London

The City of London’s Corporate HR department developed a strategy on workplace health and wellbeing.

Aims and Goals The Corporation is committed to supporting and promoting the City as the world leader in international finance […]

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