What can business owners do to protect the quality and productivity of their workforce?

The UK does not invest enough in training employees, in fact we rank 22nd in Europe for investment in training.

Investing in the continued professional development of employees is beneficial, not just for company morale, but also for a corporation’s bottom line. Employee training is therefore becoming more of a priority, especially in certain industries and countries. The UK is one of those where the growth and success of the workforce is seen as vital.

Surprisingly, British companies are investing less in training than other European companies. In fact, UK ranks 22nd in Europe for investing in professional development, even though a higher percentage of British companies provide training to their employees than any other country in the EU.

Activia Training, a UK corporate training provider, has conducted a study about investing in training for employees. It examines how the quality of corporate training in the UK compares with that of the rest of Europe.

The data, collected from official reports from the European Commission and Eurostat, shows that in the UK, the expenditure on CVT courses per employee, (normalized for purchasing power standard) is one of the lowest in the EU. Countries such as Belgium, France and the Netherlands are leading the way, while only five countries invest less money in training than the United Kingdom.

The research also shows the percentage of UK employers who provide training, compared to other EU companies. Almost 90% of British companies provide training to their employees, the highest percentage in Europe. A third point of the study focuses on the employers’ confidence about finding highly-skilled employees in the near future, as well as the employers’ satisfaction with school leavers’ skills.

The full interactive infographic study is published on Activia Training website: https://www.activia.co.uk/interactive/corporate-training-bridging-the-gap


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