Business Healthy Newsletter, 21st March 2019

In this issue:

  • New on the website
    • A presentation on “Lawyer character traits and the risk to mental health”
    • A guest blog about men’s health
  • Requests from the network
  • Quote of the week
  • The Business Healthy Challenge is nearly here, sign up now
  • Coming up
    • World Health Day (7 April)
  • Access a host of free services
    • City Advice
    • WDP Square Mile Health
    • Dragon Cafe in the City
    • City LivingWise
    • Release the Pressure
    • Check out the resources page on the Business Healthy website
  • The Sustainable City Awards 2019 applications are now open
  • Next Dragon Cafe in the City (27th March)
  • Lunchtime Streets (21-28th March)
  • Free Employee Wellbeing Clubs in Aldgate
  • Business Healthy event: “Addicted to the win? Gambling, mental health and the workplace” (13th June)
  • Have your say on the newsletter

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