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Clean for Good

Clean for Good is an ethical office cleaning company tackling poor practices in the sector.

The cleaning sector in London is renowned for low pay and poor working conditions.

Clean for Good is a relatively new Social Business that has been founded to deliver office cleaning in London in a way which is good for cleaners as well as customers. The company is a Living Wage Employer and also provides decent working conditions for its employees.

Many cleaners in London earn the Minimum Wage and have terms and conditions which are only statutory minimums, including sick pay. In some cases, cleaners’ employment rights are also not well respected with many reports of wage deductions, mistreatment and pay below the legal minimum.  The result is that many cleaners have to work long hours, and will still find themselves and their families living in poverty. This has many implications for their physical and mental health.

Clean for Good is a different kind of cleaning company. Established in 2017, it is a business with a social purpose, largely owned by a group of founding charities. It provides professional office cleaning services, but it also provides a fair deal for the cleaners who it employs, promoting their wellbeing.

Clean for Good supports the wellbeing of its cleaners through a number of commitments:

  1. The business is a fully accredited Living Wage Employer, paying the London Living Wage (or more) to every cleaner, for every hour worked
  2. The company directly employs every cleaner, providing decent terms and conditions which are all above statutory minimums – including paid sick leave from the first day of any illness
  3. Clean for Good does not use zero-hours contracts, ensuring that cleaners have a predictable income each month
  4. The firm invests in training and management so that every worker is supported to do a good job and health and safety is respected
  5. The cleaning chemicals used are eco-friendly and non-toxic, good for cleaning but also good for the cleaner

Clean for Good’s approach means that its price can be higher than competitors, but it makes the case to customers and so far has been growing consistently since it started in 2017 – serving businesses and charities across central London. A growing number of employers are concerned about how their outsourced cleaners are being treated and want to use a trusted provider. The company has high customer satisfaction ratings, good retention of its workforce and has won awards.

About Clean for Good

Clean for Good is a different kind of cleaning company. It offers professional office cleaning services with a social purpose.


  • Selected in 2019 as a NatWest Top 100 Social Business
  • The company also seeks to raise the issues of cleaners as ‘hidden workers’ more generally. This year, Clean for Good launched a new Photographic Exhibition (‘Face to Face with the Cleaners of London’) in the City of London, to highlight the stories of some of its own employees and to make the case for better treatment in the market place
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