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M-EC created a healthier, more productive and positive working environment.

M-EC has engaged with the Fit for Work (FFW) Team and Healthy Workplace Programme since 2012. M-EC’s managing director, Eddie Mewies met FFW’s Andrew Harris at a business networking event and over the past three years, have worked together to create mutual benefits for the business and its employees.

“M-EC initially became involved with the Fit for Work initiative as we understand that our colleagues spend a significant amount of their life in the workplace and wanted to ensure we promoted a healthy culture,” explains Eddie. “By undertaking the preliminary survey to assess current lifestyle and fitness standards, we then worked with Andrew to devise a number of methods to create a healthier, happier environment.”

In the first instance, M-EC introduced a free fruit policy to encourage staff to consume their recommended five a day. Every week the consultancy provides two large baskets containing a selection of fresh fruit and this is topped up throughout the week as required. Staff have thoroughly embraced this initiative and office manager, Helen Marshall says she now even gets requests for specific types of fruit!

In addition, M-EC has negotiated use of the neighbouring gym and approximately a third of staff use this at least once a week. Overall, 75% of staff use gyms and leisure centres. A jogging club was also established and groups meet at lunchtimes or after work to run, which has resulted in a small team committing to enter a 10k Wolf Run later this year.

Andy Roberts, a transport engineer in M-EC’s pre-planning division, uses the gym every night after work. “Being able to use the gym on site, free of charge, is a massive perk of working at M-EC. I can literally walk across the business park, use all the cardio equipment and free weights, then by the time I come to drive home, the rush hour traffic has disappeared so I save time as well as money!”

As part of the programme, all employees benefit from regular health checks including blood pressure, cholesterol and BMI. This has proven to have raised general awareness over recommended daily intake allowances, particularly salt and water.

“By embracing the help offered by the Fit for Work team, we have successfully created a healthier and more positive working environment. Overall, the team has more energy and is more motivated, which has meant a rise in productivity and a decline in absenteeism, especially through sickness. Our employees consider the programme as a key employment benefit and actively organise their own initiatives which combine exercise with team building. We would definitely recommend other SME businesses seek to become involved.” Concluded Eddie.

About M-EC

M-EC, an SME, is one of the Midlands leading consulting development engineers operating on a nationwide basis


  • Increased productivity
  • Decrease in absenteeism
  • 75% of staff use gyms and leisure centres
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