Business roundtable discussion on alcohol in the City

The City of London Corporation has developed a draft Alcohol Strategy (2019-23), which aims to bring together the work that the City Corporation and its partners undertake to reduce alcohol-related harm among local populations, including the City’s 513,000 workers, and provide a framework for future work.

Alcohol plays an important role in the working culture of the City – the draft Strategy aims to encourage City workers, among others, to safely and responsibly enjoy alcohol, without causing harm to their own health, compromise the safety of others, or negatively impact on their working life and productivity.

Looking within the workplace itself, according to NHS Wales, alcohol can have a damaging effect on workplace productivity, safety, health and morale. With any amount of alcohol in their system, staff can be less efficient and less safe. Where employees are doing jobs that need a high level of alertness to stay safe, or to minimise risk (including safety-critical roles and staff working with large amounts of company/ client money), impairment from the “morning after” effect can be catastrophic.

Looking at alcohol in the workplace setting has implications for additional business agendas, such as diversity and inclusion and responsible business.

City businesses are a key stakeholder in this approach, with alcohol use cutting across many business priority areas, including health, safety and wellbeing, equality, diversity and inclusion, corporate social responsibility and responsible business, to name a few.  This off-the-record session will allow representatives from City businesses to comment on the City Corporation’s draft Alcohol Strategy and will be conducted under Chatham House rules.

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Event details

Mon, 03 June 2019 6/3/19 10:00 am til 6/3/19 12:00 pm
Mizuho Bank, Ltd., Mizuho House, 30 Old Bailey, London, EC4M 7AU
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