Navigating Grief in the Workplace

This is Me, the mental health and workplace support programme hosted by The Lord Mayor’s Appeal, is hosting a webinar on grief in the workplace, exploring how organisations can support employees experiencing grief.

Date: Wednesday 19 June, 12-12.45pm. Register now.

Research showed that 57% of employees would consider leaving their job if they did not receive proper support when bereaved (People Management), and less than one in five managers feel very confident supporting someone they manage with a bereavement (Hospice UK).

Discussions about death, dying, and grief don’t need to be taboo or uncomfortable. Fostering an open culture and backing it with additional support options, resources, and training can provide employers with benefits that extend beyond employee wellbeing. In this session, strategies will be explored for creating a compassionate and supportive environment for employees experiencing grief.

Presented in collaboration with industry experts, this webinar delves into the profound impact of grief within the workplace. Discover how organisations can cultivate psychologically safe environments by providing essential support to employees coping with grief-related challenges.

Register now to secure your spot and take a proactive step toward enhancing employee wellbeing.

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Wed, 19 June 2024 - Wed, 19 June 2024
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