Online roundtable session for City businesses: Supporting City workers to access the COVID-19 vaccine (Tuesday 27 April, 11am – 12pm)

Join in a conversation under Chatham House Rule, to help identify where support may be needed to support workforce vaccination

The COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective, and provides the best protection against coronavirus.

Employers have an important role to play in helping their workforce – employees and those working on their sites – to get the vaccine when they are invited to by the NHS. This includes sharing accurate information and FAQs, from a trustworthy source, about the vaccine and its benefits, and providing time off to attend their vaccine appointments, for example.

The City of London and Hackney Public Health team are keen to ensure that local people – including workers – are able to access the COVID-19 vaccine, and accurate information about it, when they want to.

We are aware that some groups of workers, even though they may be at increased risk from COVID-19, may face specific challenges in accessing the vaccine, and may require additional support.

We would like to convene an off-the-record informal conversation with employers in the City, conducted under Chatham House Rule, to provide a safe space for organisations to share experiences, best practices and opportunities relating to workforce vaccination, as well as challenges, issues and barriers. The aim is to use these insights to provide support where it is needed.

We are particularly keen to hear from businesses employing/ contracting people in routine, manual, or service roles, such as cleaning, security, facilities management, and construction.

To register your interest, please email the Business Healthy team.

Event details

Tue, 27 April 2021 4/27/21 11:00 am til 4/27/21 12:00 pm
Online (via Google Meet)
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