Supporting the health and wellbeing of London’s “hidden” workforce, in partnership with the Greater London Authority

This event is invitation only. If you employ people in London in manual roles, such as cleaning, catering, security and retail, please get in touch here:

Almost 500,000 people come into the City of London each day for work. While many of them are employed in well-paid, desk-based jobs, many make up the often “hidden”, but equally valuable workforce – those in lower-paid, manual roles, such as security, cleaning, catering and retail.

Those working in the latter group often find it harder to support and access support for their health and wellbeing. They may work in shift patterns through the night, travel long distances to their place of work and work multiple jobs. This can make it difficult to visit their GP or other NHS services, for example. They also face barriers to accessing private services, which their desk-based counterparts may not, such as private health insurance offered by their employers, or on-site services.

This event is being hosted in partnership with the Greater London Authority. The Mayor of London – Sadiq Khan – is currently proposing a contract with employers called the “Good Work Standard“. Among other elements, the standard will promote excellent working conditions.

This event is invitation-only; if you employ staff in low-paid and manual roles, please get in touch:

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Tue, 21 May 2019
City Hall, The Queen's Walk, London SE1 2AA
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