Workplace wellbeing webinars: mental health and neurodiversity

The Lord Mayor’s Appeal This is Me programme is hosting a number of workplace wellbeing webinars.

On Wednesday 20 March there is a lunchtime webinar via Zoom from 12.00-12.45, aimed at HR directors and wellbeing managers, to help them plan and prepare for Mental Health Awareness week 2024. You can register here.

On Thursday 21 March there is a lunchtime Zoom webinar from 13.00-13.45 on neurodiversity in the workplace. It will help gain a foundational understanding of neurodiversity and its implications in the workplace. You can register here.

The webinars are open to all businesses in the City of London.

If you are interested in other events or want to read more about the Lord Mayor’s Appeal work and campaigns, please check out the website.

Event details

Wed, 20 March 2024 - Thu, 21 March 2024
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