PHE One You – Partnership

As part of the City of London Corporation’s CityWell employee health and wellbeing strategy, we have given our support to Public Health England’s national adult health campaign, One You.

The One You campaign launched in March this year and is designed to help adults make healthier lifestyle choices to improve their chances of avoiding serious ill health in their later years. The seven key lifestyle areas that One You targets are: eating well, moving more, becoming smoke free, drinking less alcohol, checking ourselves, lowering stress and sleeping better.

Yvonne Doyle, Regional Director for PHE in London, has said: ‘Speaking at the CityWell launch event in April I saw first-hand some of the work the City Corporation is doing to promote public health in the City and for their employees through their wellbeing strategy. The One You campaign can speak directly to people working in the City of London to support them in making changes to improve their health’.

The City Corporation will now help Public Health England to design, develop and test some elements of the next phase of the campaign, which will look at boosting adults’ physical activity. The Corporation will play an important role in the development of new ideas for employee health, where they can bring in the learning they have built up from coordinating their successful employee health and wellbeing programme, CityWell.

Why not take the One You health quiz to see how you score.

One You


Rebecca Abrahams

Wellbeing Project Officer HR @Rebeccabrahams