“Becoming an age-friendly employer”

Nearly one in three workers in the UK are aged 50 and over; with the average employee in the UK in their 40s, this is set to grow over the next decade. People aged 50 may have another 20 years of working life ahead of them.

The older workforce is already a reality. Employers need to act now to attract and retain older workers, or they will fall behind their competitors. The expectation is that it will become increasingly harder to fill vacancies with workers from outside the UK. In addition, compared to gender, race, or disability, age is often neglected as a diversity issue, even though under the Equality Act 2010 employers have the same responsibilities and legal obligations in relation to age, as to any other protected characteristics.

The Centre for Ageing Better and Business in the Community have published a practical guidance report using insights from both employers and employees, summarising what employers can to do become more age-friendly.

There is also a supporting evidence report, which looks at why being an age-friendly employer, reducing age bias in recruitment, having an age-diverse workforce and providing good-quality flexible work, all matter.

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