CIPD guidance for addressing and managing drug and alcohol misuse at work

CIPD has published practical guidance for employers and line managers on how to manage and support employees, including advice on policy, training and links to further resources.

Drug and alcohol misuse are significant issues in society, and therefore also for UK workplaces. Many wellbeing risk factors, such as social isolation and financial pressures, have been heightened by COVID-19. This increases the need for employers to engage with the issue. CIPD research has found that 27% of people say their alcohol consumption has increased as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

CIPD advises employers have a clear policy on substance misuse and that preventing drug and alcohol misuse forms part of their overall wellbeing offering.It also recommends any need for disciplinary action is coupled with a preventative and supportive approach, to help employees get the help they need.

The guidance listed below can be used to help employers, people professionals and line managers to manage specific incidents and provide support to employees struggling with drug or alcohol problems. It also highlights preventative measures employers can take.

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