Creating a Healthy Alcohol Culture in the Legal Profession: Guidance for firms and individuals

To mark Dry January 2020 the Junior Lawyers’ Division (JLD) of The Law Society of England and Wales has launched guidance on creating a healthier alcohol culture in the legal profession. It focuses on promoting the benefits of change and healthier attitudes to alcohol, rather than the potential harms of alcohol (which has been shown to contribute to increased consumption).

This guidance provides recommendations and suggestions about how employers can create a healthier and more inclusive culture around alcohol within their organisations. These include actions such as:

  • renaming social activities and events
  • serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in the same style of glass at events, to avoid drawing attention to those who choose to not drink
  • offering alternatives to alcohol when gifting or rewarding staff

While the guidance is focused on the legal sector, it can be applied to other professional sectors too.

The guidance also explores why it is important to address the culture surrounding alcohol consumption in the workplace, taking into account health, bullying and harassment, diversity and inclusion and productivity.

For further information, please contact Laura Uberoi or the Chair of the Junior Lawyers’ Division, Charlotte Parkinson.

Alcohol can often be central to socialising, team-building and networking within the workplace context. There are many alternatives available in the Square Mile, many of which are free. These include:

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