First Hand: a support guide for people who have witnessed a suicide of someone they didn’t know

Support After Suicide Partnership, Thrive LDN, Grassroots and Sussex Health and Care Partnership, have developed a guide designed to support anyone affected by witnessing a suicide of someone they did not know.

First Hand is for anyone affected by being at the suicide of someone they did not know. This guide is for those who happened to be at a particular location; whose job may involve responding to incidents; who may have seen it happen or been first on the scene after a suicide. Regardless of how you were involved, this guide is for you.

*If you feel that you need help straight away, or you feel very distressed, please contact our friends at Samaritans on 116 123. They have a huge amount of experience in listening to and helping people like you. They are always open and calling is free of charge.*


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