“From outsourcing to ethical sourcing: How to buy in services without selling out” – Clean for Good report on lasting social change through purchasing power

City-based ethical cleaning company, Clean for Good, has published a new report, highlighting how employers can buy in services ethically and avoid serious reputational risks.

The report outlines how every employer can make a contribution to “building back better” through the way it buys in services. It argues that every organisation with a budget has the power to effect significant social change.

In particular, the rise of COVID-19 has exposed some of the poor working conditions which millions of workers in the UK experience. Millions of people earn less than a Living Wage, some of these even earn below the Minimum Wage.

The report highlights three key questions for every organisation to ask of any potential supplier and how they treat their workers – essential questions about wages, employment status and terms and conditions.

The report also sets out a six-point checklist for firms to use considering outsourcing cleaning services.

The UK’s employers, of all sectors, between them have a great opportunity to deliver lasting social change – through their purchasing power. If you want to be part of this change, read how in the report.

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