“Spotting the Signs: supporting employees affected by domestic abuse” business guide

The City of London Police, in partnership with Victim Support and the Safer City Partnership, has launched a campaign, called “Spotting the Signs”. The campaign aims to increase knowledge among the local business community and City workers about how to approach the subject of domestic abuse, if it’s suspected a colleague or staff member may be a victim.

As part of the campaign, the Police have developed a booklet that includes a wealth of information, and tools, including:

  • Key definitions and types of domestic violence and abuse
  • The role and responsibilities of line managers
  • Confidentiality and reporting
  • Ensuring safety and record-keeping
  • Advice when employees are working from home
  • Annual leave and flexible working/ time-off requests
  • Domestic abuse/ violence within the workplace
  • Working with other agencies and signposting

The booklet is free to download and share.

More information on domestic abuse can be found here.

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