The Priory Group – a survey on UK employees mental health

The Priory recently conducted a survey on UK employees and the research found that younger adults feel more stress with modern life. The survey also covers overtime habits, working late, the constant need to check work emails, and the effects it can have on mental wellbeing and home life.

Work Expectation

  • 96% of respondents work in addition to their contracted working hours
  • 53% of respondents admit to working at the weekend or during annual leave
  • 1 in 4 people who work in addition to their contracted hours said it was because they feel “it is expected of them”
    • The second most popular reason is because they “have too much work to complete” during their contracted working hours
    • The third most popular reason for working overtime is “to get a head start on the following week”
  • Over half of respondents admit to feeling more stressed now, compared to ten years ago

Almost one quarter (20%) of respondents admit to showing signs of increased temper on a regular basis. Other frequent symptoms experienced by UK employees include:

  • Exhaustion (28%)
  • Headaches (27%)
  • Loss of appetite (13%)

*Statistics based on a multiple choice question- may prefer not to show % figure

People feel most guilty about –

  • Not spending enough time with their family and friends
  • Not finding the time to return someone’s call
  • Not managing to maintain a healthy diet

Read more at the Priory Group blog and Priory press release

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