“What to do if you’re feeling suicidal” and “How to Help a Friend”- Men’s Minds Matter leaflets

Men’s Minds Matter have put together two valuable leaflets on “What to do if you’re feeling suicidal” as well as on “How to Help a Friend”.

Men are less likely to open up and ask for support. If they do, they often ask for help when things are at a point of crisis.  Men are at a higher risk of suicide and societal pressure to be “tough” and “independent”, which may discourage them from seeking help during life’s low points. Suicide is preventable and there are some things we can all do to help someone who is suicidal. Offering support and understanding can have a massive impact on someone struggling to cope.  Both leaflets include additional resources that can be utilised for further support.

What to do if you’re feeling suicidal” lists helplines that are available to call, as well as the best sources of support to use if you are feeling suicidal and need help to stay safe.  The leaflet also covers common causes of crises, explores coping skills, and offers tips on how to manage emotional distress.

How to Help a Friend” explores how to approach someone you care about if you are concerned that they are struggling.  It’s important to realise that there are different reasons and feelings involved for everyone.  Types of suicidal thoughts vary between people and over time, both in terms of how intense they are and how long they last.  This leaflet also covers signs to look out for and how to prepare for conversations, how to actively listen, as well as how to help friends be more open.

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