The Thameside workout for all City employees

streetgym logoWant to freshen up your workout, tired of the gentle jog?  The StreetGym® crew have put together a Thameside workout from Tate Modern down to Tower Bridge.  Why not give it a go and spice up your training?  Designed by Army veteran John Allison, it’s the perfect way to get fit for free!

It’s important to remember that this isn’t just about physical fitness; it’s about mental health too.  Working in the heart of the City can be stressful with it’s non-stop tempo so taking time out to refresh the mind is crucial if you’re to maintain productivity and creativity.  Getting outside in the fresh air and in a unique environment definitely helps.

If you’re lucky enough to work from an office near the Thames why not make the most of the riverside path to find your inner peace and have a fun workout too.

To use the interactive map simply:

  • Click on any dot and if using a smartphone, click on the text or numbers that appear below the map
  • Click on the image to view video or use the white arrows (on the left and right of the image) to shuffle between stills and video
  • Ensure you take note of the disclaimer at the end of the video, leave no trace and respect other members of the public in the area but above all have fun!

Safety Tips:

Always be mindful of other members of the public, seek permission to train where appropriate.  Always check the ground for hazards, broken glass or similar.  Be sure to check any street furniture for damage and suitability before use.  Wear gloves if required and always wash your hands thoroughly when you’ve finished training in the urban environment.

For further information don’t hesitate to contact the StreetGym® team:

StreetGym®, it’s all about empowering people to make best use of the urban environment, equipment/gym-free and it’s always open!

Remember…..Your street is Your gym